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Import/ Export

We supply a range of chemicals required by various domestic industries, from traditional sectors like dyes, resins, and pesticides to the electronics industry, including LCD and copper-clad laminate manufacturers.


- APIs / Excipients
- Veterinary APIs / Animal nutrition ingredients
- Food additives
- Nutrition supplement ingredient
- Chemical materials/ Electronic materials
- Intermediates
- Plastics additive

Agent / Distributor

Primarily serving domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers with formulation raw materials, we also handle the global import and export of ingredients for food and feed additives for our valued clients in the pharmaceutical industry.


We assist clients in obtaining the necessary regulatory registrations for imported raw materials, enhancing the likelihood of permit approval, accelerating the market launch of finished products, and gaining a competitive market edge.

Custom Manufacturing Sourcing

With years of experience in contract manufacturing, Tong Sing effectively connects clients in Taiwan and mainland China with top-tier raw material manufacturers, consistently prioritizing client satisfaction as our foremost goal.

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By finding most quality chemical & pharmaceutical materials, we strive to assist clients develop businesses. 

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